Unwind luxuriously with the Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 Collection


Learn all about our Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 barware collection, including what drinks and occasions each glass lends itself best to.

2023 has seen the release of a new Spiegelau barware collection - the effortlessly graceful Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 series, so we wanted to talk about it a little.

Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 embodies Spiegelau's commitment to helping you enjoy maximum satisfaction from your drinks while also delivering durability and affordability. With minimalist, clear sides in four functional shapes, Lounge 2.0 features a distinct, statement-making base on each glass. A simple yet elegant decorative design sweeps the bottom of the glass, topped by a nearly one-inch solid base that reflects the colors of whichever drink you fill your glass with.

Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 keeps things simple, featuring just four glasses - a Single Old Fashioned glass, a whisky tumbler, a soft drink glass, and a long drink glass. Let's explore how you can make the most of this collection's elegant yet robust glasses.

Best uses for this collection

A key strength of the Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 glasses is their versatility. We wanted to provide a glassware collection that keeps things simple while still catering to the majority of your barware needs. By focusing on tumbler glasses, we're able to offer you a collection that is as useful for orange juice with breakfast or your lunchtime lime and soda as it is for a cocktail evening with friends.


Breakfast drinks

Scenario one: breakfast. We're talking smoothies, freshly squeezed orange juice, and cold brew coffee. For these occasions, the Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 Long Drink, Soft Drink, and Whisky Tumbler glasses are all standout options, but which of the three should you choose for each drink?

A crucial question to ponder is, "Does my drink require ice?" If the answer is no, as is often the case for a smoothie or freshly squeezed orange juice, we recommend the Lounge 2.0 Long Drink or Soft Drink glasses. Tall, easy to hold thanks to their narrow circumferences, but still sturdy due to their weighted base, these glasses help your fruitful morning beverages flow perfectly onto your palate as you sip your breakfast drink.

Suppose you are adding ice to your breakfast drink. In that case, the Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 Whisky Tumbler's wide mouth and sizeable overall circumference make it perfect for accommodating the ice cubes you'll be chilling your beverage with. After steeping coffee grinds for 12-24 hours to prep that cold brew coffee that brightens your morning, adding a few ice cubes is the icing on the cake for a great morning drink. These glasses are also perfect for adding slices of lemon or orange to a morning glass of water if you’re looking to add a little style to your morning hydration.


Brunch and cocktail evenings

Arguably the two most satisfying scenarios in which to enjoy cocktails, brunch and cocktail evenings call for glasses that can accommodate some of your favorite creations. And since several classic cocktails are best served in long or short tumblers, Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 fits the bill perfectly for these occasions.

The Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 Long Drink Glass accommodates the voluminous nature of classic cocktails like the Mojito, Pina Colada, and Long Island Iced Tea. The tall nature of highball glasses makes them ideal for cocktails that include a large proportion of alcoholic mixer, while their narrower body makes it easier for you to stir your cocktail in a controlled manner - something that is particularly helpful for cocktails that are built in the glass. While slightly shorter and with a lesser capacity than the long drink glass, you can also use the Lounge 2.0 Soft Drink Glass for these cocktails if you'll usually enjoy soft drinks with just the occasional cocktail thrown into the mix.

If you prefer a Negroni, an Americano, or a Mai Tai, Lounge 2.0 still has you covered with the Lounge 2.0 Whisky Tumbler. The cocktails that go best in this glass typically involve the use of less mixer than cocktails that are best served in a long drink glass, while the Lounge 2.0 Tumbler's wide opening allows for plenty of ice to keep your drink chilled and allows the aromas of the cocktail to be more pronounced.

You can also serve Negroni's, Americanos, and other lowball cocktail glasses in our Lounge 2.0 Single Old Fashioned Glass, albeit at a slightly lower volume, but where this glass really comes into its own is for when you want to make - you guessed it - old fashioned cocktails. These cocktails contain a spirit (usually whisky or bourbon), a sweetener such as granulated sugar or syrup, some bitters, ice, and citrus peel. This combination of ingredients doesn't require a large glass, making the single old fashioned glass perfect as it gives these cocktails an excellent presentation, accommodates the ice needed to make them, and allows their aromas to dazzle.


Quiet evenings in

There's something soothing about sitting down in the evenings and reading a good book with a glass of scotch (or a glass of Bailey's if you prefer). For such occasions between you and a glass of your favorite spirit or liqueur, the two Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 Lowball Tumblers deliver the goods in spades.

To choose between the two, consider how often you enjoy enjoying a glass of neat spirits and how often you like adding a mixer to your drink. Thanks to its impressive volume capacity, the Lounge 2.0 Whisky Tumbler is your best bet if you usually like to add cola to your glass of bourbon in the evenings. If, however, you enjoy nothing more than sipping your whisky or bourbon straight, with a drop of water, or with just a few ice cubes, the Lounge 2.0 Single Old Fashioned Glass's smaller size provides a more pleasing aesthetic for these low-volume drinks options.

We hope you find that helpful as an introduction to the Spiegelua Lounge 2.0 Collection and all the uses you can put it to at home. Whether you're having breakfast, cocktails, or a quiet evening in, Lounge 2.0 has you covered with its uncompromising blend of quality, durability, and flexibility.



Lounge 2.0 by SPIEGELAU is the perfect barware collection, offering high durability without compromising style, clarity or quality.