Changes to Spiegelau Distribution for Professional Sector


At RSN UK, we’re changing how our Spiegelau crystal glassware is delivered to our customers in professional sectors.

What’s changing?

From June 2023 onwards, RSN.UK Ltd will be taking over the distribution of all Spiegelau glassware to our hospitality and professional clients here in the UK.

How will this benefit professional customers?

With this change in how our products are distributed, customers will enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  1. Improved, wider-ranging selection of Spiegelau crystal glassware that has been specially designed and created for professional industries.
  2. Fast UK delivery, with all stock delivered from our Birmingham warehouse in the heart of the country.
  3. Free UK delivery on all orders.

We’re excited about this next step in the relationship between Spiegelau and all our existing and future partners in the hospitality and professional sectors, where we’ll get to work more directly with you all and add a more personalised touch to our services.

For more details on how to register as a professional partner with Spiegelau here in the UK, visit the ‘Spiegelau for business’ section of our website.