A group of SPIEGELAU Party Champagne glasses. Two of them filled with rosé Champagne, two with regular Champagne and two are empty. There is a cork on the table.<br/>

Sparkle & Bubbles

The Science of Champagne Glasses

Unleashing an effervescent world of bubbles and brilliance in each sip, Champagne is not just a beverage; it's a celebration captured in a bottle. As artisans dedicated to enhancing your wine and champagne experiences, at SPIEGELAU, we pour a wealth of knowledge, tradition, and innovation into each glass we design. Champagne flutes as well as the Champagne glasses are specifically crafted to elevate your Champagne sipping experience. Have you ever wondered why a Champagne glass is shaped the way it is, or why the fizzing bubbles of joy keep streaming up in your champagne flute or glass? And what on earth is a 'moussierpunkt'? Let's unravel these effervescent enigmas.

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