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Sommelier's Choice

SPIEGELAU Sommelier's Choice by Niklas Grom

Niklas Grom, managing director and sommelier of the restaurant "die burg" in Donaueschingen, recommends the 2019 Hallau Chölle, Pinot Noir, by Markus Ruch from Schaffhausen. As a passionate sommelier who has his roots in gastronomy, Niklas brings deep experience and a strong connection to wine. This Pinot Noir, rooted in the clay soils of Hallau, offers a complex aromatic palette with fruity notes and fine herbal aromas. Markus Ruch's organically produced wines reflect the terroir of the Klettgau in Schaffhausen with minimal intervention in nature. The "Hallau Chölle" wine matures in used Burgundy casks and is bottled unfiltered, giving it an authentic and natural quality. A dish of ravioli and lamb bolognese is served in the "die burg" restaurant to complement and enhance the aromas of the wine.

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