We are proud to be associated, through global partnerships and co-operations, with the following organizations and companies:


RIEDEL exclusively recommends Miele

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Washing high-quality delicate wine glasses in a dishwasher? No problem with a Miele appliance! With a unique combination of intelligent features, Miele is the specialist when it comes to gentle care of glassware:

  • 3D cutlery tray: sufficient clearance also for stemware
  • Deluxe baskets: secure positioning of wine glasses
  • Auto Open drying: gentle, brilliant drying without polishing
  • Perfect Glass Care: long-lasting sparkling finish on glassware
  • 'Gentle' program: perfect glass care control
  • Care Collection: perfectly matching detergents with special glass-protection formula

Lindt & Sprüngli

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Founded in 1845, Lindt & Sprüngli is a global leader in the premium chocolate category, offering high-quality products worldwide. RIEDEL and Lindt are creating the ultimate wine glass tasting and premium chocolate pairing experience for consumers. The comparative glassware and premium chocolate tastings show that the best wine and chocolate pairing, enhanced by enjoying the wine from the proper varietal specific glass, offers a heightened sensory experience. The tastings are a perfect complement to the Lindt Five Senses Chocolate Tasting process, an ultimate sensory experience through which consumers can master the art of tasting fine chocolate.


Museum of Glass and Jewelry

in Jablonec Nad Nisou

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From 1st to the 11th generation – tracking down the history of RIEDEL in Bohemia. As part of the most in-depth professional investigation of the history of Riedel in Bohemia, Maximilian Riedel, (11th generation) collaborated closely with the Dr. Petr Novy.

As Head Curator of the Czech state Museum of Glass and Jewelry in Jablonec nad Nisou, in the Jizera Mountains, Dr Novy is known as a connoisseur and expert historian of the Bohemian and Czech glass industry. He is currently undertaking detailed research into the Riedel glass era in North Bohemia from the 17th century to post Second World War on behalf of the RIEDEL Company.

Glass king of the Jizera Mountains
The Jizera Mountains have been closely linked with glass production since the 16th century, and the foundations of the Riedel glass-making dynasty were laid, in this area, during the 18th century. Generation after generation worked to build a flourishing glass industry here, often having to endure very difficult conditions. During this period, the name Riedel was predominantly associated with the large-scale production of glass to be used in jewellery, however, the product range of the day also included high quality glass used, for example, in outdoor lighting, lamps and pressed and hollow glassware. So famous became the company that Josef Riedel Snr. (6th generation) was known as the ‘glass king of the Jizera Mountains’. In unraveling the mysteries of the day, Dr Novy has discovered that Riedel was always known for its high quality products and not only when it comes to drinking glasses.

Ever innovative, Riedel also became one of the leading producers of glass for the newly introduced electrical lamps at a very early stage. As part of his work, Dr. Novy came across patents for special glass machines, equipment and ‘recipes’ for new glass materials.

The Czech Republic’s new State Glass and Jewelry Museum
The museum in Jablonec nad Nisou features around 600 exhibits from the Riedel dynasty, including objects and luxury table glasses. One of the most notable being a personal glass goblet by Josef Riedel Snr, so attesting to the company’s centuries of glass-making expertise.

Founded in 1904, Jablonec nad Nisou is the only state museum in the Czech Republic to specialize in glass and jewelry. Its broad collection of glass, jewelry, coins, medals and badges is presented in the impressive main building, whilst the library specializes in the history the glass and jewelry industry, right through to the present day. At the museum of glass-making in Kristiánov in the Jizera Mountains (Christiansthal), the history of Riedel’s oldest glassworks (founded 1775) is impressively presented.


The President of Istituto Veneto Gian Antonio Danieli is really glad for this new cooperation with the historical company RIEDEL Crystal – “A company that combines a long and refined history of glass manufacturing, a constant research in the design and glass field.” Then, he continues: “The RIEDEL Award, that has just been launched, represents the first step of our partnership. Many other projects will be developed together underlining our common interests in the glass field”.


The Institute of Masters of Wine

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For sixty years the Institute of Masters of Wine has been promoting professional excellence and understanding of the art, science and business of wine. It began with an exam held for the first time in 1953 for the trade, known as the Master of Wine examination. Two years later the Institute of Masters of Wine was formed by the people who had passed the inaugural exam. The Institute’s membership now numbers 314 Masters of Wine in 24 countries. The Institute’s study, examination and events programs are conducted annually on a worldwide basis, and we have students from 36 countries in our Study Program.


The ultimate modern luxury experience at sea

Dedicated to providing modern luxury vacations filled with engaging onboard activities, tailored to a vast array of guests’ interests, Celebrity Cruises enhanced its onboard wine experiences through its partnership with RIEDEL Crystal, the fine glassware company known for its varietal-specific stemware.

Top-rated premium cruise line Celebrity Cruises began collaborating with RIEDEL in 2007, offering guests the chance to experience the one-of-a-kind RIEDEL wine glass comparative workshops while at sea. Celebrity is the first company given the opportunity to conduct the workshops on RIEDEL’s behalf. In partnering with RIEDEL, 16 Celebrity Cruises sommeliers travelled to the glassware company’s headquarters in Austria and engaged in intensive training on the company’s history, philosophy and products.

The hour-long wine glass comparative workshops encourage guests to sample and experience multiple fine wines with RIEDEL’s “wine-friendly” Vinum glass collection. The varietal-specific glasses enhance the aromas and taste components, while finding a wine’s maximum complexity by emphasizing the harmony. Conducted onboard by Celebrity hospitality experts trained by the certified Celebrity sommeliers and RIEDEL experts, including CEO Maximilian J. Riedel - who conceived and developed the format with 10th-generation CEO Georg J. Riedel – the workshops let holiday-makers experience firsthand how the right wine glass can completely change the way wine tastes.

For more than four years, registration and demand for the RIEDEL tastings have increased, proving the partnership’s efforts have elicited a positive response from guests. Initially available on seven Celebrity ships, the program is now offered onboard 10 of 11 vessels - exposing the RIEDEL brand to up to 50 guests a sailing on over 325 sailings every year. Guests can enjoy the world-renowned tasting seminars once per sailing, for a fee. The experience also includes a packaged tasting set of four RIEDEL glasses shipped to each guest’s address.

To indulge in the authentic RIEDEL experience, holiday makers must make a reservation minimum of four days before the designated sail date by visiting

When booking a cruise, travelers may overlook extra costs such as shore excursions, which are often not included in the price. Cruisers could end up spending hundreds of extra dollars for just one shore excursion, and an excursion at every port of call can quickly inflate your vacation bill.

We created a guide that breaks down alternative ways to book excursions without breaking the bank. Our guide highlights how you can use your travel rewards to pay for shore excursions, while also covering the safest ways to book them. Our guide also covers the:

  • Best points to redeem for cruise excursions
  • Pros and cons of different booking options
  • Safety considerations for traveling with a credit card



Since 2015, we have been very proud to partner with Treasury Wine Estates in North America. With this partnership, we promote the powerful combination of RIEDEL's established Glassware Seminars and Treasury’s luxury wine portfolio. Aligning RIEDEL tastings with TWE world class brands allows both partners to extend their reach to new consumers and trade partners throughout the US market. 


Wein Kaltern Initiative

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"We are proud to have been invited, for the second time, by wein.kaltern to find the perfect 21st century glass in which to experience wonderful South Tyrolean wines at their best.

Designed in a collaborative wine and glass workshop, the new wein.kaltern glass, by RIEDEL, is the essential tool for great wine enjoyment”

Georg J. Riedel