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Our partners and cooperations

We are proud to have entered into successful partnerships and collaborations with renowned companies and organizations. Our cooperation is based on trust, quality and shared values. With SPIEGELAU, you will experience the perfect symbiosis of traditional glass production and innovative solutions.


Sommelier-Union Deutschland e.V.

United by a passion for refined enjoyment

Two ambassadors of refined enjoyment
More about the Sommelier-Union

For over 20 years, SPIEGELAU and the Sommelier-Union Deutschland e.V. have fostered a close partnership rooted in mutual trust and appreciation.

The manufacturer of premium stem and glassware and Germany’s leading association of professional sommeliers work together to promote openness and dialogue in the world of wine and gastronomy, focusing on building networks and encouraging young talents. The program offers a wide range of events and activities, including wine tastings, workshops, and much more––like tours of the SPIEGELAU manufacturing center for participants at the Sommelier College. And Sommelier Union events are provided with SPIEGELAU glassware from the company’s Definition and Authentis series.

Both organizations are united by their common aim: to showcase every wine flawlessly in the perfect glass.


Hinzself Group

The craft of glassmaking meets the craft of bartending

More about the Hinzself Group

SPIEGELAU developed the Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz with award-winning bar expert and author Stephan Hinz. The collection won the German Design Award and can now be found in the best bars, restaurants and hotels around the world. With its combination of functionality and elegance, the Perfect Serve Collection takes glassware in the modern bar to a whole new level.

The collection combines the craft of glassmaking and the craft of bartending in perfect symbiosis. Thought through down to the last detail and tailored to the highest standards of design and quality, every single glass demonstrates the passion for craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection that SPIEGELAU and Stephan Hinz share. Together, we are redefining the standards of gastronomy and inspiring the industry with our innovative spirit.

The Perfect Serve Collection thus impressively demonstrates what drives Stephan Hinz as an entrepreneur: Breaking new ground and overcoming boundaries. With his companies Hinzself and Cocktailkunst, he supports gastronomy and industry with his expertise and his bars Little Link and Grace & Grape are among the best in the country. Under the motto Root to Fruit, he has also developed a range of innovative aperitifs with the products Camela, Ricordino and Kalyx. As a speaker, Hinz has passed on his knowledge in over 20 countries on four continents.


Deutsche Barkeeper Union e.V.

SPIEGELAU and NACHTMANN have been cooperating with the German Bartenders' Union (DBU) since 2023

More about the DBU

The association, whose history goes back to 1909, is committed to the education and training of bartenders and organizes the German Cocktail Championship.

SPIEGELAU and NACHTMANN are equipping the German Cocktail Championships with their range of glassware and donating the winners' trophies. Bar professionals from all over Germany compete for the title and present innovative cocktail creations.

Richard Voit, CEO of Bayerische Glaswerke: "With creative concepts, bar culture is currently reinventing itself. A trend that suits us as a crystal glass manufacturer. What we have in common with the DBU is that for all the innovation, there is also a lot of emphasis on tradition and quality."

Partnerships and cooperation with SPIEGELAU

SPIEGELAU is proud to enter into long-term partnerships and collaborations with leading companies and organizations. Our partners benefit from our expertise in glass production and our innovative strength. Together, we set new standards and promote sustainable developments in various industries.

Through our collaborations, we enable unique experiences and strengthen our partners' position in the market. SPIEGELAU stands for tradition, excellence and trust - values that we share with other professionals. Let's shape the future together and enrich your brand with our high-quality glass products.