How SPIEGELAU beer glasses changed the world?

The Spiegelau Craft Beer IPA glass is positioned on the left of the image unfilled with the Spiegelau Beer Classics Tasting Set positioned on the right side of the image filled with their style-specific beer.

Every style of beer has its own balance of characteristics. Besides knowledge on the ingredients and procedures used in the brewing process, the characteristics of appearance, aroma and taste are basic to understanding a beer.


A thin and clear glass held against a white background will show some of the most prominent virtues of a beer at a glance: Expect to see the distinctive colour generated from different malts, see the carbonation – those little bubbles created during fermentation – and finally make sure if the beer shows a little haze (as desired for example in a Hefeweizen) or looks clear filtered.


Discovering beer

The beer tasting wheel helps to identify specific elements in a beer‘s aroma and taste profile.

The volatile aromas tend to be soon on their way out of the glass and the beer. A well designed glass with the appropriate shape and a thin wall and rim helps to underline the characteristics of a given style and offers an optimized tasting experience!

Aroma & Taste


The delicate aroma of a great beer is determined by the specific aromas of malted – and sometimes roasted – grains as well as the abundance of noble hop aromas. These can reach from floral and herbal to fruity and are typically accompanied by aromas derived from byproducts of fermentation. If not presented in the right type of glass most of these virtues of a beer are lost.


A well designed glass will underline the characteristic balance of malty sweetness and hop bitterness that are found on different levels in different beers. The malt will contribute a great deal to the mouthfeel although the right amount of bitterness can enhance the full bodied character. If the beer is sampled from a glass that matches its character it will show how refreshing, fruity or herbal, full bodied or dry it really is.

The Problem

Many mass-produced beer glasses do not only lack elegance, they also ruin the tasting experience: Beers served in these glasses do not fully release their delicate aromas and often taste bland and uninteresting.

A poorly designed glass can also destroy the spritzy refreshing character of a beer and let the head collapse too soon. It is partly due to the wrong choice of beer glasses that many beers are perceived as tasting pretty much the same.

Craft Beer Glasses

Developpés par des experts

Deux verres à bière artisanale SPIEGELAU pour la bière de blé américaine et la Witbier sur des plateaux en ardoise. Le verre au premier plan est rempli de bière de blé, tandis qu'à l'arrière-plan se trouvent des chips et un tableau noir sur lequel figure une carte des bières.<br/>

Un bord de verre ultra fin

La bière s’écoule parfaitement.

Diamètre spécifique du buvant

Une ouverture évasée offre une bonne concentration des arômes vers le nez et permet à la bière de couler directement au centre du palais, soulignant ainsi la douceur du goût.

Un decrochage utile

Il permet de relancer les bulles et la mousse lorsqu‘on repose le verre après avoir bu.

Verre soufflé ultra fin

Les verres à paroi fine soufflés dans un verre en cristallin des plus purs garantissent une fidélité des couleurs et une conservation de la température de dégustation idéale.


Le pied creux et nervuré aère la bière lorsqu‘elle est servie et favorise la concentration des arômes.
Les verres à bière artisanale SPIEGELAU remplis de bière sont posés sur une table devant un tableau noir avec un menu. Le verre à bière vieillie en fût et le verre à Stout sont posés sur une plaque d'ardoise, le verre à IPA et le verre à bière de blé américaine sont posés à côté sur la table.<br/>

The solution

Spiegelau is using its 500 years of experience in producing fine crystal glass to improve the enjoyment of beer drinking.

Spiegelau has developed different beer glass shapes to enjoy the unique characteristics of specific beer styles.

The beer specific glass shape supports the beer in releasing its full spectrum of flavours and delivers them to the nose.

Exquisit raw materials deliver a perfectly smooth and brilliant clear surface.

Thin blown glasses keeps the beer cool and fresh.