Developed in cooperation with internationally awarded bar-expert Stephan Hinz, the Perfect Serve Collection is sturdy, durable and has timeless elegance. It unites functionality and aesthetics on the highest level.

NEW for HORECA: Perfect Nick & Nora Glass
The Perfect Nick & Nora Glass is a tribute to the classic cocktail glasses of the early 20th century and lets the style-defining drinks of this time shine in new splendor. With its low filling volume, the elegant stemmed glass is ideally suited for high-proof icons such as Martini or Manhattan and powerful classics such as Aviation or Vieux Carré. The name of the glass itself comes from the cult film The Thin Man from 1934, in which the two main characters Nicholas and Nora Charles often have their dialogues with the same glass in their hands. The durable glass is often used as an alternative to the classic martini cocktail glass. It is perfectly matched to the dimensions of standard freezers and dishwashers.


Decanter 750 ml

450 01 58
H 242 mm 9 1/2 inch
Ø 131 mm 5 1/6 inch
C 750 ml 26 1/2 oz