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Line introduced in 2023

RIEDEL Superleggero

premium machine-made production

RIEDEL constantly seeks to innovate and evolve product design to push the boundaries of glassware and maximize drink enjoyment for all. With more knowledge and advancing technologies, a better wine-drinking experience is always possible.

In homage to the 50th Anniversary of Sommeliers, which changed the art of glassmaking as we knew it, RIEDEL Superleggero has reintroduced the glass shapes and transformed into a precision-made, machine-crafted collection, setting a new benchmark for premium machine-made wine glasses.

In 2015, Maximilian J. Riedel presented the handmade "RIEDEL Superleggero" series, a further development of the Sommeliers series, which was introduced 50 years ago by his grandfather Prof. Claus J. Riedel in 1973, as the first gourmet glass series and permanently changed the world of wine enjoyment.

With the introduction of the Sommeliers series, Prof. Claus J. Riedel created a new glass industry. In 2023, RIEDEL will once again prove its pioneering role unveiling RIEDEL Superleggero made by machine at its own factory in Weiden, Germany.

New Items 2024

Superleggero with Colored Stem

Perfect balance, exceptional performance, look and feel of handmade.

The next step in a decades-long evolution

This reintroduction sees a reimagining of the classic RIEDEL Superleggero collection. Handmade RIEDEL Superleggero was released in 2015 as the third stage of a glassware evolution, following RIEDEL’s 1958 creation of the wine-friendly gourmet Sommeliers series, and the 1973 transformation of Sommeliers into a ground-breaking grape varietal specific glassware collection.

The aim for handmade RIEDEL Superleggero was simple; harness the highly skilled technique of handcrafting glassware to produce a varietal-specific series featuring a new standard of slimline aesthetics and light design. The result was something to be truly proud of.

The release of premium machine-blown RIEDEL Superleggero glassware sees RIEDEL take the next step in this evolutionary process. Continuing with the iconic Sommeliers egg shape bowl design and slimline aesthetic, this adaptation in production takes advantage of modern, sophisticated machinery developed in-house at the RIEDEL Weiden factory in Germany to bring superior precision to glassmaking.

This superior precision allows RIEDEL Superleggero glassware to be crafted as fine-tuned instruments, maintaining all the positives enjoyed from the handmade RIEDEL Superleggero collection and eliminating the risk of having any inconsistencies in the design of the bowl and rim diameter.

Detailed, precise excellence in glassware design embodies the RIEDEL way and ensures RIEDEL maximally supports your wine enjoyment - all while staying true to the ‘super-light’ characteristic after which RIEDEL Superleggero was named.

Premium machine production of such a thin-walled and perfectly balanced glass series was not possible with familiar technology. Once again, however, Riedel lived up to its position as a technical pioneer and developed in-house machine technology that is capable of producing glasses by machine to a quality that is difficult to distinguish from handmade glasses. The new bases are up to 106 mm in diameter, which is a new technical record.

Two RIEDEL Superleggero premium machine-made Cabernet glasses

Setting Standards Again

As is the standard for RIEDEL glassware, RIEDEL Superleggero glasses are perfectly balanced and are certified as dishwasher safe. To highlight its significance as a transformative series, RIEDEL Superleggero becomes the first permium machine-made collection to feature a unique RIEDEL collection logo on the base of the glass.

RIEDEL Superleggero - Glasses Overview
Base of a RIEDEL Superleggero premium machine-made wine glass

Grape Varietal Specific Code

On the center of the base, below the stem, you will find a code which assists in identifying the right glass for your favorite Grape Variety.

  • R1 - Riesling
  • R2 - Chardonnay
  • R3 - Sauvignon Blanc
  • R4 - Champagne Wine Glass
  • R5 - Spirits
  • R6 - Hermitage/Syrah
  • R7 - Burgundy Grand Cru
  • R8 - Bordeaux Grand Cru
Collection overview form RIEDEL Superleggero premium machine-made wine glasses

premium machine-made

stemware blown in Weiden, Germany

"PREMIUM" defines the advantage of a machine blown RIEDEL glass vs. a hand-made glass. The difference lies within the precision. Since RIEDEL glasses are fine-tuned instruments that support your wine enjoyment, we must make sure that there are no variances in the execution of the bowl and rim diameter, which is the key to our philosophy!