Experience the Ultimate Wine Enjoyment


A New Level of Sophistication

Immerse yourself in the art of wine appreciation with our state-of-the-art High-Tech production method. Every glass from the SUPERIORE collection speaks of precision, ensuring a flawless design that harmonizes with the very essence of the wine.

SPIEGELAU brings together modern technology and elegant design, taking your wine appreciation journey to unparalleled heights. Dive deep into a symphony of sensory experiences with SUPERIORE and unlock a new dimension of sophistication.

A laid table with SPIEGELAU Superiore Bordeaux glasses and filled white wine glasses at each of the six places. In the middle of the table there are four tumblers of the SPIEGELAU Perfect Serve Collection.<br/>

Perfect for Special Occasions

If you want to give your event or restaurant a high-end look, SUPERIORE is the ideal choice. Our crystal glasses, made with the latest technology, are perfect for prestigious occasions and nobly set tables.

Elegance Meets Precision

Our series Superiore stands out for its clear design and elegant forms, produced with the utmost precision to heighten your wine experience. The brilliance and clarity of the glasses, married with their design, intensify the aromas and flavors of the wine.