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Discover the art of fine glassware with our SPIEGELAU bestsellers. Perfectly shaped to enhance the aroma and taste of your favorite beverages, our glasses offer an unparalleled enjoyment experience. Let the quality and beauty of SPIEGELAU enchant you and bring sparkle to any table.

<br/>A SPIEGELAU Definition Bordeaux glass filled with red wine and a SPIEGELAU Definition white wine glass filled with white wine on a table. In the background are the same filled wine glasses again.<br/>

Discover unprecedented lightness with the SPIEGELAU Definition series

Experience incomparable lightness, clarity and precision with the SPIEGELAU Definition series, which turns every drink into a radiant centerpiece. Our machine-made glasses, developed for the discerning connoisseur, set new standards in design and quality.

A bar counter with two SPIEGELAU Perfect Serve Collection glasses. The SOF glass is filled with an orange colored drink and an orange zest, the longdrink glass is filled with clear cocktail drink, ice cubes, rosemary and a lemon zest. In the background a hand, holding another filled SOF glass.<br/>

Enjoyment for all the senses with the SPIEGELAU Perfect Serve Collection

The SPIEGELAU Perfect Serve Collection, developed in collaboration with the world-famous bar expert Stephan Hinz, offers you glasses that masterfully combine style, functionality and durability. Discover the perfect glass as a stage for the perfect drink and create unforgettable moments.

The SPIEGELAU Lifestyle series on a table. The filled red wine glass, the filled white wine glass, the filled Champagne glass, an empty longdrink glass, a tumbler filled with water, ice cubes and a slice of lime. On the right the carafe with infused water.<br/>

Light and elegance: discover the SPIEGELAU Lifestyle range

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Discover SPIEGELAU bestsellers

SPIEGELAU combines tradition and quality in glass production to create glasses that enhance and enrich the aroma and flavor of any beverage. Our bestsellers include wine glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glasses and other crystal glassware that will shine in any home or occasion. Enjoy an unparalleled drinking experience with our carefully crafted glasses.

SPIEGELAU, innovation leader in highly automated glass manufacturing, always strives to combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technical achievements to create glasses that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Our bestsellers are the perfect choice for connoisseurs and new discoverers alike. Experience the fusion of elegance and practical design with SPIEGELAU.