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We are thrilled to complete our collection SPIEGELAU Definition this year with two further featherlight glasses.

SPIEGELAU’s Arabesque series enrich any festive table with an exquisite addition.

And with the colored tumblers from the SPIEGELAU Lifestyle series we bring brilliance and color into your life.

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SPIEGELAU Definition


SPIEGELAU Definition Water and Soft Drink Glass

The supreme lightness of being

Latest addition to the popular series

The SPIEGELAU Definition series captures a combination of function and esthetics with a lightness that is virtually unequaled in the world of glassware. Now the series offers two further featherlight glasses: a Water Tumbler and a Soft Drink Glass. Both designs continue the stylish sophistication that marks the series, with unique silhouettes that confirm their close relationship. The ultimate blend of elegance and lightness!
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SPIEGELAU Arabesque Carafe

The crowning glory of every table

Classic form embellished with floral ornamentation

SPIEGELAU’s Arabesque series is an exquisite addition to any festive table. The slim lines of the carafe enhance the filigree ornamentation of the pantograph engravings. The 1.0 liter carafe for water and wine brings the finishing touch to the collection.
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SPIEGELAU Lifestyle Colored Tumbler

The subtle power of color

Sense and sensibility

Can a humble water tumbler be brilliant and inspiring? Of course - if it’s part of the SPIEGELAU Lifestyle Series! The colors in this tumbler range are concentrated in the base, and subtly graduate upward through the glass. Available in hues of Ocean, Leaf, Sun, and Lilac, the series has a unique and distinctive character created by the fascinating play of color and vertical blown lines of the designs. And it’s naturally dishwasher safe, too.
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The three sizes of the SPIEGELAU Allround glass series on a serving tray. In the background, there are Champagne bottles.<br/>


Classic with charm

Every glass a true all-rounder! The SPIEGELAU Allround series is a stylish and assured choice, the answer for any occasion. Durable and versatile, it offers the perfect glass for every setting.
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Sparkling elegance

The SPIEGELAU Spumante champagne tulip features an elegant, tapering shape with harmonious curves and balanced proportions that allow generous space for aromas to unfold. Its nucleation point promotes the generation of bubbles. The ideal choice for premium sparkling wines from Franciacorta or Champagne.