Beer lover? Wine fanatic? Amateur mixologist?

Which SPIEGELAU Collection is the Right one for you?

(Updated on: Dec 19, 2023)

At SPIEGELAU, we believe every beverage deserves to be served in an attractive, affordable glass that delivers a high level of performance for the user - be it a beer glass, a wine glass, a cocktail glass, or any other drinking vessel. However, with such a wide range of glassware available, it can take time to identify the SPIEGELAU collection that best fits your needs - especially if you're new to our glassware.

To remedy this, we're on hand to point you in the right direction so you can quickly identify the most suitable SPIEGELAU glassware for you. Read on as we cover the best SPIEGELAU options to accommodate all tastes.

The SPIEGELAU Definition glass series, starting from the left with the filled Burgundy glass, followed by the empty Bordeaux glass and universal glass, the filled white wine glass.

For the wine lover

Despite our wealth of glasses catering to lovers of all drinks, wine glasses are where we offer the widest selection of glassware choices. So, if you enjoy nothing more than a glass of red, white, or sparkling wine, we have a SPIEGELAU collection you're sure to love regardless of where you're at in your wine journey.

  • If you're an experienced wine enthusiast with a taste for the finer things, our SPIEGELAU Definition Collection is sure to satisfy you. Precision-made with advanced machine glassmaking technology, SPIEGELAU Definition is our premier glassware series, featuring feather-light glassware weighing as little as 120g per glass.
  • Experienced wine lovers may also want to consider our SPIEGELAU Authentis Collection, which for years has symbolized authentic wine enjoyment. The Authentis series turns the spotlight on the individual character of the wine, allowing its full sensory impact to come to the fore, which is underlined by this collection receiving a Certificate of Excellence from the German Sommeliers Association.
  • For those of you who appreciate a wine glass with a less conventional style, we recommend the SPIEGELAU Lifestyle Collection. SPIEGELAU Lifestyle contrasts against our usual wine glass design, showcasing a modern diamond shape heightened by a sophisticated linear texture. SPIEGELAU Lifestyle isn't just for wine either - with beer, cocktail, tumbler, and long drink glasses also available, our Lifestyle series is ideal if you want to maintain a uniform style across all glassware in your cupboard.
  • If you enjoy the diamond shape of our Lifestyle series but prefer a crystal clear surface to a textured one, you'll love our SPIEGELAU Style series. The contemporary, stripped-down aesthetic of SPIEGELAU Style makes it suitable for a wide range of table concepts so that you can enjoy this series to your heart's content.
  • Looking for a wine glass collection to kickstart your wine journey? SPIEGELAU Winelovers is the perfect introductory collection to opt for - especially if you enjoy a classic, minimalist style. This series displays a classic stemmed goblet across all glasses, so you'll fall head over heels if you want a traditional, uncompromising design from your wine glasses.
The with beer filled SPIEGELAU Craft Beer Glasses. The IPA glass and the American Wheat Beer glass are standing on a slate plate decorated with some potato chips and the Stout glass is standing next to them.<br/>

For the beer connoisseur

While wine rightly receives specialized glassware, all too often, beer is relegated to having to be drunk from the same standard pint glass regardless of what beer style it is. At Spiegelau, we recognize that, like wine, beers benefit from glasses that showcase their unique qualities and characteristics. We use two main beer-centric glassware series to deliver the goods for craft beers that have surged in popularity in the 21st century and for old favorites that have stood the test of time.

  • Our Spiegelau Craft Beer Collection serves up four craft beer-specific glasses, allowing you to get the most out of your favorite IPA, stout, wheat beer, or barrel-aged beer. Each glass saw Spiegelau partner with leading breweries to develop and deliver a glass that got the seal of approval from leading industry experts, ensuring you can enjoy your craft beer from a glass that will elevate it to new heights.
  • Spiegelau Beer Classics cater to lovers of beers that have been longtime favorites. Despite the emergence of craft beers in the 21st century, some beers have remained popular across the decades and are equally deserving of a glass that allows them to shine brightest. The Spiegelau Beer Classics series features contemporary, finely-blown bowls and rims that lift the perception of mouth feel and taste and regulate temperature, bringing various ales and lagers into the 21st century in a functional manner.
The SPIEGELAU Perfect Serve Collection cocktail glasses, all filled with specific cocktails. The Perfect Nick and Nora glass is on the left, followed by the Perfect Coupette glass and the Perfect Cocktail glass on the right side.<br/>

For the home mixologist

Or for professionals, for that matter! If you're after glassware to satisfy your cocktail-making needs, our SPIEGELAU Perfect Serve Collection is the number one choice. Developed in partnership with award-winning bartender Stephen Hinz - owner of Little Link Bar in Cologne, Germany, Perfect Serve has a glass for every cocktail, which is no surprise as this series was designed to cater to the demands of a modern bar. So, whether your go-to tipple is an Old Fashioned, a Manhatten, a Daquiri, a Mojito, or anything else, you can find the perfect glass from this stunning barware collection.

If you prefer to keep things a little simpler with your cocktail glassware, consider our SPIEGELAU Lounge 2.0 Collection. This series delivers robust, durable glassware that allows you to enjoy cocktails suited to old-fashioned and long-drink glasses. With two different whisky tumblers available as part of the series, Spiegelau Lounge 2.0 glasses are also a great choice if you enjoy sipping your spirits neat to unwind at the end of a long week!

A bar counter with two SPIEGELAU Lifestyle carafes. One of them filled with infused water with blueberries, cucumber and a mint sprig, and one of the pure water. In front and behind the carafes are empty Lifestyle tumblers.<br/>

Glassware for non-alcoholic drinks

We appreciate that some of you may be looking for glassware suited to soft drinks. Fortunately, various SPIEGELAU collections have glasses that are perfect for this very thing.

  • SPIEGELAU Authentis Casual tumblers are ideal for numerous soft drinks and can even be used for desserts! That's why we refer to this series as the perfect choice for those wanting to enjoy life's daily pleasures.
  • Our barware collections are equally suited to the demands of soft drinks. The SPIEGELAU Perfect Serve Collection is just as useful for mocktails as it is for traditional cocktails, while SPIEGELAU Lounge 2.0 features a dedicated soft drink glass that's ideal for day-to-day drinks enjoyment.
  • Our SPIEGELAU Lifestyle collection features a long drink glass, a tumbler, and a carafe, giving you the perfect mix of glassware options for whatever quantity of soft drink you plan on serving up!

We hope you found that helpful and now have a clear idea of exactly which SPIEGELAU collection best suits your drinking needs.