Incentives & Promotions

Crystal glass is an all time classic for promotional incentive items. It is a timeless beautiful gift for her or him and brings joy for all ages through its value and versatility.

Further more we offer many options for customizing our crystal. We hope this will bring you lots of enjoyment.
Una copa bordelesa SPIEGELAU Definition llena de vino tinto y una copa de vino blanco SPIEGELAU Definition llena de vino blanco sobre una mesa. Al fondo se ven de nuevo las mismas copas de vino llenas.<br/>

Development of marketing concepts

Our passion for crystal is our inspiration. You can profit from it. You don´t need any concrete ideas about what you would like to give. Tell us the occasion, and we will surprise you with the appropriate product concept.


Development and customizing

From the long tradition of producing crystal glass, you can rely on our deep knowledge and a wealth of technical expertise. Feel free to benefit from that expertise by letting us develop your own special product.

La jarra SPIEGELAU Lifestyle llena de vino tinto sobre una mesa. A la izquierda del decantador dos copas de vino tinto Lifestyle, una de ellas llena de vino tinto. En el borde izquierdo de la mesa un plato negro vacío.<br/>

Signing / Branding

Often it takes a decoration or engraving to make a gift really personal. Sometimes your logo is the best solution; often, however, there are many more options. Come to us and let us share our ideas with you.

La copa de vino blanco rellena y la copa de Burdeos rellena SPIEGELAU Willsberger Anniversary delante de la copa SPIEGELAU Perfect Serve Collection SOF y la jarra rellena SPIEGELAU Novo. Todos ellos en una mesa rodeada de gente.<br/>


Sometimes a beautiful gift brings even more joy when you think a little inventively and add some beautiful extras. We can help you find the right beverage for our drinking glasses and also matching accessories to go with it.

El vaso Highball de la colección Perfect Serve de SPIEGELAU lleno con un cóctel de ginebra y tónica. Detrás, el mismo vaso, pero vacío.<br/>

Gift packages / Sets

Unpacking is also a joy. Our crystal is packaged in especially decorative gift cartons and if desired, you can include a personal greeting card.

Cuatro vasos de Gin Tonic SPIEGELAU sobre una mesa de madera, cada uno de ellos lleno de un cóctel de ginebra diferente.<br/>


Your advertising novelties reach their destinations by the shortest routes around the world. If you wish, we are happy to handle shipping or complete, individualized processing.