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A group of three SPIEGELAU Definition glasses of which the Champagne glass is filled with sparkling wine, the Universal glass with white wine and the Burgundy glass with red wine.<br/>

SPIEGELAU - Professional glass culture

Five hundred years of expertise in glassware

Having more than five centuries of experience in the production of high-quality glassware is an impressive advantage, yet it is only the foundation of our daily work at SPIEGELAU.

Providing our customers with a broad range of premium glasses requires more than production skills and product quality in the traditional sense.

We optimize every single glass product to meet the highest standards in terms of functionality and aesthetics and we employ cutting-edge industrial processes to guarantee a high level of durability, instant availability, and attractive pricing. With our high-quality standards and strict controls, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers – at the restaurant and at home.

Experience and spirit for innovation

When it comes to top-quality glassware, customers in the international hospitality industry are the most demanding. We at SPIEGELAU combine our experience and spirit for innovation with our market knowledge in an unparalleled manner to meet customers’ varied demands like no other supplier in the market.
Enjoyment has many forms, but the demand for a really good glass remains the same. That‘s why we‘ve combined functionality with timeless elegance. Those are qualities that last, regardless of short-term trends.

Stephan Hinz

The SPIEGELAU Lifestyle series on a restaurant table in a cosy evening atmosphere. Purple light shines through the smooth wave structure of the filled white wine glass, red wine glass, water tumblers and carafe.<br/>

International glass trends developed in Germany

Thriving on emotions and new impulses brought on by new trends, the hospitality industry offers space to indulge in culinary experimentation – enhanced by using our products. Their functional forms ensure that aromas, colors and tastes of the beverages are emphasized.

In addition, our latest innovations reflect international trends in the world of beverages. This is only one reason why we have surpassed our role as producer by far.

Leveraging the competitive edge we have gained from our proximity to the high-end catering industry, we translate market trends into new collections.


Trailblazer and key to success

While we are passionate about quality, design, and innovation, we understand that our partners ultimately aim for business success through customer satisfaction. The hospitality industry and the retail sector need a supplier that delivers an unequaled product portfolio while also offering exceptional logistics and delivery services, all at competitive prices.

At SPIEGELAU we have the expertise, the ideas, and the industrial power to meet all these demands – every day anew.

SPIEGELAU – Professional Glass Culture.

What makes a perfect crystal glass?

Glass composition

The degree to which a glass can offer all of these benefits depends to a great extent on the type of glass used and the characteristics of the ingredients.

Standard Glass consist of sand, lime (an alkaline earth oxide), Sodium or Potassium oxides. SPIEGELAU Crystal glass has the same ingredients plus a certain percentage of metaloxide. These ingredients will be melted at approx. 1500°C and in later steps formed to the desired product.

SPIEGELAU glasses are all made of lead free Crystal glass. The highest quality of the Crystal ingredients make the Spiegelau products more durable, dishwasher safe, break resistant and also more brilliant than other glasses made with cheaper glass compositions.

The Class of Glass

Glass is a fascinating material. Not only does it fulfil a practical purpose but there are so many other ways in which glass enriches our life. It is brilliant, it reflects and refracts light and has a satisfying sound when glasses are clinked.

Still further, specific glass shapes and a high quality glass surface, through the use of pure raw materials, enhance the aromas and taste of beverages.

Certified dishwasher safe

10.000 cycles in professional dishwasher

1.500 cycles in household dishwasher


Improved breakage resistance

due to a perfect connection between bowl and stem – enforced foot for improved durability


Brilliant clarity

by only using the purest ingredients


Certifed environmental management

ISO 14001 certified since 2001

SPIEGELAU - The Class of Glass

How to distinguish the class of glass?

The SPIEGELAU glass series Style on a table. In the foreground there is a red wine glass filled with red wine, a tumbler filled with water and an empty white wine glass. In the background are the same glasses again, but empty, plus a basket-like ceiling lamp.<br/>

Fine and laser cut rim

Elegant look
Smooth lip contact
Directs the flow of wine
Less chipping


Colorless and transparent bowl allows wines to express their true visual characteristics


Perfect connection reduces breakage


Seemless or nearby seemless stems provide a premium tactile experience


Enforced foot to improve durability

Flat base

No sharp rims and a flat base improve esthetics and stability

The original SPIEGELAU

Perlage Driver.

Every SPIEGELAU sparkling wine/champagne glass includes a perlage driver for a sparkling drinking experience.