The Kristallglasfabrik Spiegelau GmbH, located in the Bavarian Forest, has a long glass-making tradition and was first mentioned in 1521. Spiegelau has been setting trends and standards in the development and production of professional wine glasses for many years.

Today, Spiegelau stands as a synonym for fine dining glasses.

Our series VINO GRANDE has been and is being sold in millions of pieces worldwide.

Our international presence in the best restaurants, hotels, wine shops, etc. for the past ten years more than certifies:

  • Big range of different glasses taking account of the different beverages
  • Elegance
  • Durability
  • Dishwasher-safety
  • High quality characteristics thanks to most modern high-tech production facilities
  • Competitive pricing

VINO GRANDE - the 'intelligent' glass for elegant and perfect wine drinking.

Decanter 1,0l

706 01 59
H 200 mm 7 7/8 inch
Ø 194 mm 7 2/3 inch
C 1000 ml 35 2/7 oz

Decanter 1,5l

706 01 57
H 233 mm 9 1/6 inch
Ø 224 mm 8 5/6 inch
C 1500 ml 53 oz