The handy portion carafe convinces in daily use mainly by practical aspects: Two calibration marks at 0.2 l and 0.25 l allow use on many occasions. A special feature is the fill mark with a star symbol at the level of 0.15 l. The 0.2 l calibration mark is ideally positioned at the "bottleneck". As a result, the wine carafe, to the satisfaction of the guest, always seems to be filled well. Thanks to the CE marking placed on the bottom, the carafe SOLUTION stands out with its simple elegance and enhances the presentation of e.g. white wine, red wine or rosé wine.

Wine Portion Carafe CE /-/0.2 l + 0.25 l + decoration at 0.15 l

934 83 57
H 205 mm 8 inch
Ø 56 mm 2 1/5 inch
C 330 ml 11 2/3 oz